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When we align ourselves with the basic action of each season, we can harness the energy that permeates the natural world and thereby facilitate our own transitions and transformations. Let me tell you a little more about the magic that nature gives us.

For example, in autumn when we witness the leaves falling, we open ourselves to the energy of purification and ask ourselves, “What is it time to let go of? What is there that is no longer serving our highest good?” On the other hand, in the spring we begin to notice a quiet awakening in ourselves. Then the question here is, “What new is coming into my life? What new beginnings are there waiting for me?” The intentions that we set for ourselves during the long days of winter are now entering our reality.

Let's imagine spring as a magician. A magician who aims to fulfil our deepest desires and clear our minds of old thought forms that are no longer useful to us. In fact, this magic of the spring season allows us to rebirth our essence and our Soul, to leave in the past all patterns of behaviour that are harmful to us. As everything around us blossoms, the moment comes when we too must blossom. You may be wondering how exactly transformation happens and how you can feel it. The answer is simple – with the new energy of spring, we are presented with an opportunity to manifest our thoughts and desires quicker and easier. The energy of change from the spring season automatically pushes us one step further and we have the ability to manifest much more fully and quickly. Also, this season is exceptionally good for restoring our physical body. Spring increasingly makes us think about whether we are leading a proper lifestyle and whether it would be good to change our diet to cleanse our body and mind. Each season is a different lesson and experience, each season opens new horizons for us. Well, spring always comes to “rebirth” our inner world and create something more beautiful and pure.

It is the season of hope and renewal when, encouraged by the increase of light and warmth, we find the energy to take the necessary actions that can push the uncertain new beginnings towards full awakening, and when that happens the change is truly amazing. Spring gives us the power to create our reality and believe in our abilities. Along with the plants and animals, we humans are also starting anew!

I think the spring season is a wonderful reminder that God is all about making things new. Spring is a time of rebirth that you can sense all around you. It's not only that the trees start blooming again – it’s something deeper, and each of us can feel it in the air. In the same way, rebirth is also happening in our bodies and minds.

Spring is green, tender, and alive and so are we! Every year the spring season is a sign that the Earth is breathing, and our inner "rebirth" is just waiting for us to open our hearts and let it happen.

Here is a poem called “Rebirth” by the author Alex Elle that describes so well the feeling of spring rebirth, the feeling of “rebirth of the Soul”.


There will be moments when

you will bloom fully and then

wilt, only to bloom again,

if we can learn anything from

flowers it is that resilience is born

even when we feel like we are


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