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Rebirth of the Soul

Each of us associates the word “rebirth” with the appearance of something new, something bigger, different and truthful. Rebirth actually gives birth to a new version of perception. Every Soul is reborn at some point in life, experiencing what is called an awakening. I call this metaphorically "Rebirth of the Soul."

When we start asking ourselves the questions, Who am I? Why am I here? What is my mission on Earth, then we seem to feel that something in us is changing; that we are moving to a higher level in our spiritual growth. This is actually the moment when our Soul is "reborn". When we start giving love more and more to the people around us without asking anything in return we receive love back simply because we radiate love. It is not long before this process turns into a Soul glowing phenomenon – love has awakened our Soul and we are ready to step into our power and fulfil the mission for which we came here. The Soul glowing phenomenon is a state of unconditional love and self-acceptance. Once this happens, our heart is open to receive love from the outside world as well. This phenomenon literally means reaching the highest level of spiritual awakening and soul transformation.

Nature has always known about rebirth. If we look around us we will easily notice it. Let's take spring as an example. When spring comes everything blossoms, every

thing is born again, and the soul of the world is “reborn”. It begins to live in each plant as if the flowers are smiling at us. In the parks we can feel an innocent purity as if a child has just been born and was about to begin its life. Whenever it's time for spring, my head is spinning with that famous quote: “Out with the old, in with the new”, and I feel my heart and Soul are crying out for cleansing. If you too feel this inner call, it is surely a sign that your "rebirth" on earth has begun and you are walking your spiritual path. Spiritual awakenings happen as a natural product of your Soul’s evolving, expanding, and maturing. Just as everything in life grows, so does our connection with our Souls. Once your soul has been rebirthed, nothing is the same anymore. Your mind begins to work differently and you yourself think differently than before. You are able to find the beauty in everything, you are inspired by it, and you raise your vibrations. With the “rebirth of the Soul” comes self-love. When people are into the "rebirth" phase they unleash their full potential and connect much more easily with others on an energetic level. Their relationships with people become more stable, more genuine, more profound. Then we actually understand the magic of life, we know that we can attract anything we want into our lives as long as we radiate love and gratitude. And what is better than that realization? As Seth Adam Smith once said, "For each of us, there comes a time when we must awaken and become what we were born to become."

There are many spiritual awakening signs. In fact, spiritual awakening symptoms are not only emotional but also psychological and even physical. If you have begun to look for more meaning in everything that happens to you, this is a clear sign that you are awakening spiritually. If you feel the need to know what your purpose in life is, this is also a clear sign that your soul has begun its "rebirth". If you want to recognize even more signs of spiritual awakening, you can read From the Universe with Love by Belle Motley.

Always listen to the inner call of your soul asking you to awaken. Observe yourself and what is happening around you. It is very important to consider our intuition as our friend because it is our best advisor. The rebirth of the soul happens at different times for each person and when it happens life turns into an eternal and beautiful spring. In the reborn soul there are no fears, only peace and compassion for others. Yes, the road we have to follow is long and difficult, but in the end we understand that it was worth it, we understand that we are here to evolve and to love ourselves and the world.

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