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With Writeresque, we celebrate your individuality and bravery to be different in your creative writing, as well as in life. We admire and applaud your confidence of being who you are because that's who you are. 

We want to read and publish creative, independent individuals of all backgrounds and origins, who produce anything but mainstream commercial writing, who can think for themselves and want to make a difference with the power of their own unique creative words. If this sounds like you, then go straight to Submissions! We definitely want to read from you. 

Meet The Team


Teya Dancer


Teya started Writeresque® shortly after creating the non-profit project Anyone Can Write, dedicated to building new writers' self-esteem and confidence in the importance of the unique stories they have to share through their own creative writing. She handles (mostly, but not exclusively) submissions in fiction, scripts, international writing, and travel writing.

Teya has a BA (Hons) degree in English and Linguistics, and an MA degree in Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University. Both her undergraduate and graduate dissertations were awarded Distinction marks for research, creativity and story-telling. She researched pre-Christian folktales and legends in the Balkans, and incorporated and enriched local folk elements into her creative writing. 


She was an editor and a creative contributor for the annual Creative writing anthology, Connections, in 2020, and a guest writer for the consecutive anthology, Uncertain Truths in November 2021. 

Teya likes to reads stories and novels where exploration of character/self in fiction is of main concern. Currently, she is working on completing her first novel, and publishing her first chapbook.


"I am interested in experimental writing filled with reflection on philosophical ideas and topics that are considered ‘inappropriate’. I considers myself a rebel and a dreamer by birth; I believe anyone can write... but only the fearless can be great.”

Teya loves spending her time with her baby girl, exploring the outdoors and the world.


Bethanie Knapper

Proof-reader and reviewer

Beth is an integral part of Writeresque. She is a proofreader and offers opinion on poetry, essays, and feminist lit submissions. She is also Writeresque's main book reviewer and blogger.

From a young age, Beth loved reading, took any opportunity to write short stories and enjoyed learning languages. This curiosity only grew, leading her to complete a degree in English and Linguistics (Hons) and taking Creative Writing modules as part of the course.


Much of Beth’s interests within the field have been centred around discovering new and interesting ways of understanding language and literature, always wanting to explore and think of as many possible ways to look at a text. Whilst studying English literature, her main interests were in Gothic, Feminist, Modernist and Postcolonial literature; she was also curious to explore the intersection between literature and linguistics, and the role of the Environment within literature. She wanted to continue this approach within her Creative Writing, exploring many different styles and forms and always being curious to try out new ways of telling stories. From writing scripts to short stories, her writing accumulated in the completion of TV script for her dissertation. She is currently trying to work on a collection of short stories.

Outside of writing, Beth is interested in music, fashion, painting, and photography. She is also interested in environmental issues and always loves to be outdoors, particularly with her dog.

Meet Our Interns


Seán O’Neill

Editorial Assistant

Seán is a freelance editor, writer, and recent graduate based in Shropshire. His poetry has previously been published in BAIT (issue #14), Meanwhile Magazine (#2), and Notes (#63, #65). As well as interning at Writeseque, he is also an editorial intern at Ambit Magazine. 

Seán was placed as an Assistnat Edtor with Writeresque between Sep and Nov, 2022.


Ellen Plater

Guest Blogger

Ellen is a third-year Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University. She has a passion for writing about controversial topics that often address stigma and cause people to question themselves. Outspoken since a young age, she specifically enjoys writing and reading about subjects that impact women and challenge gender inequality. Ellen also has a keen interest in graphic and magazine design. 

Ellen was placed as Guest Blogger with Writeresque between Mar 14 and Mar 28, 2022.


Olivia Boileau

Cover Artist (Vol 4)

The analysis of repeated, domestic feminine trauma within mythical and religious narratives is the context basis behind Olivia’s practice.


Portraying women as destroyers, Olivia engages with the domestic notion of weaving evident within folklore and biblical myths to create tufted outcomes and prints. The recurring imagery and motifs within the works signify Olivia’s subjective experiences of disassociation, depicting each outcome as a sacred space.

Olivia was placed as Cover Artist with Writeresque between Mar 11 and Mar 25, 2022.


Silyana Shtiliyanova

Guest Blogger

 Silyana Rumenova Shtilianova is 22 years old and lives in Bulgaria. She is a writer and a poet. Silyana’s published book of poetry was awarded a national literary prize in 2020. Silyana graduated the French High School in Burgas, Bulgaria and is now a student in Psychology at the Burgas Free University. Currently, she’s a writer for the Bulgarian magazine, Magazine 8.


Her poems have been published in various Bulgarian media as well as in the Burgas Literary Almanac.

Silyana was placed as Guest Blogger with Writeresque between Mar 11 and Mar 25, 2022.

Jessica de Villiers_edited.jpg

Jessica de Villiers

Cover Artist (Vol 3)

Jessica primarily makes paintings that evaluate interpersonal relationships and how these develop over time. Her practise starts from photo albums and other historical records, and selected images then undergo a light abstraction. This means a limited, unnatural colour palette with both controlled and energetic mark-making. Through this interaction of form and figure, Jessica is able to evoke feelings like love, tension and nostalgia. Her sound installation looking at racial activism is currently part of the online exhibition Mother Tongue (in room 4) and can still be viewed online until April 2022 at

Jessica was placed as Cover Artist with Writeresque between Jan 3, 2022 and Jan 17, 2022.

Helen Barber

Helen Barber

Guest Blogger

Helen is an English and Film & TV student at Nottingham Trent University who has a long-lasting love for reading, writing and studying literature. She is part of the student magazine, Platform, as Creative Corner Editor and enjoys writing poems and short stories that have a touch of strangeness or the macabre. Helen is also an artist and finds joy in discovering beautifully illustrated editions of her favourite novels.

Helen was placed as a Blogger and Article Writer with Writeresque between Dec 16, 2021 and Jan 6, 2022.

Elise Parker-Bryant_edited.jpg

Elise-Parker Bryant

Guest Blogger

Elise is an undergraduate student studying English and Linguistics at Nottingham Trent University. She is most interested in fiction, novels with flawed character development and fantasy worlds to escape reality. She has a keen interest in work surrounding gender and sexuality. She is always wanting to learn more and is excited for the rest of her studies.

Elise was placed as a Blogger and Article Writer with Writeresque between Dec 13, 2021 and Jan 3, 2022.

Beth Mahala_edited.jpg

Beth Mahala

Guest Blogger

Beth Mahala is a second year English Literature, Film & TV student at NTU, currently studying modules in Ethnicity, Psychoanalysis, and Spanish in addition. Her course enables a disciplined critical approach in her writing which positively challenges her creativity. From a small town near Wales, Beth’s favourite book is Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a book that effectively encouraged her to pursue her academic studies.


Beth was placed as a Blogger and Article Writer with Writeresque between Dec 13, 2021 and Jan 3, 2022.

Prasad Beaven

Prasad Beaven

Cover Artist (Vol 1)

Prasad was born in London, 1994 and spent 6 years of his childhood studying in India, in the foothills of the Himalayas. This early immersion in the mountains fostered a love for the majestic beauty nature has to offer. As a practitioner of meditation, he emphasises the importance of his inner well-being and strives to constantly achieve a state of peace, knowing that this will permeate into his artwork.

Prasad was placed as Cover Artist with Writeresque between Jun 25, 2021 and Jul 9, 2021.

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