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Literature has always been a part of our lives. Even of our unconscious life, which in turn our subconscious remembers well – all of us remember bedtime stories, don't we? Fairies, nymphs and all the fairy creatures have always been there with us in a different and magical world. A world where anything is possible, and the characters change roles as they want. This world of books is beautiful and it's full of adventures. It is different from ours, but always directly connected to our state of mind. Literature is actually a mirror of ourselves. Observe what books you read and what excites you most about them – there is the key to truth, you are a reflection of the words you read because your soul needs them. Literature makes you grow; it helps the evolution of the soul and the understanding of your own self. When a person reads, he gains wisdom, and that in itself is a treasure.

Let us imagine that books are numerous boats in a river. Each one is different from the other, each one has its own peculiarity. A large number of people, all different from each other, begin to choose their boat and board. And here begins the journey inwards to the soul (the river). The boats are full of people. In each boat, however, people observe and notice different things. Some of them are enjoying the beautiful landscape and nature, while others are enjoying the pictures they are taking during this journey. Everyone sees and understands what they need at that moment. It is the same with literature. Each reader chooses a different genre of literature and understands the words differently but at the end of the literary journey there is something to talk about, something to be excited about. Isn't that the point? Through books and the power of words each of us can find ourselves and meet our needs. The art world is a wonderful place to escape busy, everyday life. Imagine how nice it is – you're standing in the office, bored, but at some point you decide to grab a book off the shelf. You've had an eye on this book for a long time and you can't wait to find out more about it... Then you dive deep into literary reality and here you are – away from the boring day.

I think of literature as a garden of beautiful flowers hushed under the tender sunset; so intoxicating, magical and unforgettable, you almost wish you'd never left – that's the world of literature.

Reading books teaches discipline. A person who reads always knows that it takes some time to adapt to the characters, the details, and even the author of the book. He also knows that, however much we might want to, it is not a good idea to read the ending of a book directly; after all, the thrill and magic of the story is lost that way.

Our literary experiences are as real as those that happen to us every day in our reality. The words are vivid and awake in us a palette of feelings and emotions. In these moments each of us is a literary character and each of us writes his own story deep inside his soul.

Literature helps us to look at ourselves from all sides. It's like a portal to many different parallel universes – each with a different plot and different storyline. If we take authors as an example this time, we will quickly see how valuable literature is to them. The creativity they produce is a driving force in their lives. This force never decreases and perhaps that makes literature all the more impactful and magical. Think about how many emotions and thoughts an author puts into writing a book, for example. It is inevitable that these emotions will touch us in some way. As the reader flips through the pages, he or she exchanges energy with the author and thus develops his or her own energy. This helps the creative energy in the human soul to flow in a balanced way and guide the person in the right direction.

Books, reading, and a passion for literature – these are things that teach us to think and feel deeply. Reading heals and purifies the soul. Everyone knows that after reading to the end of a favourite book, you always feel somehow different – charged with energy and beautiful dreams.

Literature is the first step to good self-knowledge and plays a key role in our growth. The journey through the wonderland of words is long, but it’s worth it!

Choose your character and jump in! You’ll never regret it!

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