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An Important Update for 2023: Submissions and Publications Dates

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Hi all! I hope you had an amazing time with your loved ones during the holidays, and that all your New Year's resolutions are in motion -- may they be easy to fulfil ( I know mine aren't)!

Speaking of this new year, I have an announcement to make: In 2023, Writeresque Magazine will be published biannually instead of quarterly. This means, we will publish more amazing creative writing in April, and then again in October 2023.

You might wonder: "Why the change?"

I'll tell you: Being a small literary magazine, Writeresque is only managed by two people -- at best -- myself, and my wonderful friend Bethanie Knapper, when she has the time. We offer different placement for students and volunteers, who have also been an amazing help in different aspects of what our magazine does.

But mostly it's just me, and don't get me wrong -- I love it! However, on Valentine's Day -- or rather night -- of last year, my baby girl was born, and there's nothing in the world I love more than her!

I want to give her all my undivided love and attention while she is growing up ever so quickly! This, as you can imagine -- or know -- leaves little room for anything else. But my love for reading and publishing amazing work by both new and established authors is never going away. So, I have taken the decision to, rather put the magazine on hold, make its publications a little less frequent.

Dear creators of wor(l)ds, I hope you will continue to submit your creative writing to us as you have thus far. And dear readers, I hope you will continue to read Writeresque Literary Magazine. We are only young, but, boy, has it been an amazing journey ever since our first issue!

So, here's to many more to come!

Yours sincerely,

Teya Dancer,

Editor -In-Chief

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